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Got Mountains of Unpaid Medical Bills?

It might not be Shake 'n Bake, but I can still help!

Though times are often cause by extreme health issues and your good health must take priority over your finances. But, even with best intentions, sometimes it's near impossible to repay doctors, hospitals, and the enormous mountain of debt that accompanies medical emergencies and health problems. In 2005 Harvard University published a study that found that medical bills caused fully half of all bankruptcy filings. And out of that, three-quarters of those bankruptcy filers actually had medical insurance, at least when they first got sick. It's just not always enough, is it?

The good news is that medical debt is unsecured debt, which means there's no collateral available for the creditors to repossess. If you file for bankruptcy, you will have the opportunity to repay this debt, interest free, to the best of your ability. Sometimes with the bankruptcy help you can pay everyone back over 5 years, but other times you can receive a discharge of the whole thing. Everyone's situation is different, but without a bankruptcy filing or other protections, medical debt can be tied to the collateral you do own. After a few years of unpaid bills, a hospital or insurance company may be able to garnish your wages and claim part of your equity in a home, business or other valuable property. At the Law Offices of Adam Austin we want to let you know we have a solution for your financial problems.

If you feel overwhelmed by a mountain of medical debt, I can help! If you have a family member sinking in debt, tell them you'll bring them in and talk to me together. If you know you won't be able to pay your medical bills, but need to keep seeing the same doctors, as a skilled bankruptcy attorney, I'll help you set up your finances. You need an experienced bankruptcy attorney that ensure you can see the doctors you need and file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy down the line. That's where Adam Austin comes in.

If your debt was a one-time expense, the Law Office of Adam Austin can help you negotiate with the provider. Stop harassing creditors while you're undergoing treatments, allowing you to focus on what matters most -- getting better. Call me today to speak with a bankruptcy attorney about your individual circumstances.

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